Team Dance Competition Judging Criteria

The following is the criteria that the judges will use to score each team that enters the team dance competition.  Awards will be determined by the total number of points that the team received from the below criteria.  ALL JUDGING CRITERIA IS SUBJECT TO INTERPRETATION BY THE NATIVE AMERICAN DANCING CHAIRMAN.  HIS DECISIONS IS FINAL.

Requirement                                                                                              Possible 




1.   Authenticity:  Teams will be evaluated as to whether the dance performed is an acceptable, non-religious dance.  The current use of the dance and its interpretation by the team will also be considered.      




2.   Research:  Teams will be evaluated on the amount and quality of the research they have done on their dance.  This research can and should include book sources, letters from tribal councils and individual native Americans, if possible, and descriptions and diagrams of the dance.                 




3.   Attire:  Teams will be judged on the authenticity and completeness of the clothes.  If a particular dance does not call for special attire, then the team will  be judged on each individual's clothing.




4.   Performance of Dance:  Teams will be judged on the quality of, as well as their ability to successfully interpret and present, their dance.  Use of allotted dance time will be considered and teams will lose one (1) point for each minute that they exceed their allotted dance time.        




5.   Ability to Perform as a Team:  Teams will be judged on ability to perform their dance so as to exhibit a true "oneness" and feeling for the dance.  Teamwork and perceptive interpretation of the dance by the team as a whole will also be considered.    




6.   Music:  Teams will be judged on their use of drumming, singing, and any other possible musical accompaniment that might be used for their dance.  Quality as well as authenticity will be considered.  The use of recorded music will be allowed, but the team must furnish their own equipment to play such music and they MUST notify the Dance Chairman in advance. 










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