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Adult Leader Training Opportunities

Adult Leaders in the Cherokee District have several opportunities for training,
and we encourage everyone to take advantage of these learning tools.

Online Learning: Scout Leaders can go through basic training online at any time, through the web portal at Adults need to set up a user account and password, following the directions on the site, and should include their BSA ID # (found on the membership card) to ensure that their training record is updated. These trainings are interactive and well done.

  • All adult leaders should annually complete the online "Youth Protection Training"
  • All new leaders should start with "This is Scouting," available online.
  • Next, they should complete “Cub Scout Leader Fast Start” or "Boy Scout Leader Fast Start" training, also available online.

Depending on what role the Adult Leader is registered in, the next set of training is Position-Specific:

  • Cub Scout Leader Position Specific Training (These are available online or face-to-face)
    1. Tiger Den Leader Position Specific Training
    2. Den Leader Position Specific Training (for Wolf and Bear Den Leaders)
    3. Webelos Den Leader Training
    4. Cubmaster Training
    5. Pack Committee Member Training
    6. Pack Trainer Training

  • Boy Scout Leader Position Specific Training
    1. Troop Committee Challenge (position-specific training for Troop Committee Members) is online.
    2. Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters have two other sets of training required to be considered fully Trained:
      • SM/ASM Position-Specific Training
      • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills.

  • Venturing Leader Position Specific Training
    1. Venturing Youth Protection Training.
    2. Venturing Fast Start
    3. Venturing Leader-Specific Training (Crew Advisor/Associate Advisor, Crew Committee)
    4. Outdoor Leadership Skills (Crew Advisor/Associate Advisor).

Not all of the Position Specific Trainings are available online; Please see the links below for information on dates, times, and locations.

Other online resources at the Online Learning Center include:

Cub Leader Position-Specific Training
These trainings are offered face-to-face on a regular basis. In Cherokee District, it will be offered (free of charge) at different locations and dates across the District.  Adult leaders can also consider attending these trainings through other districts; see the master training calendar on the Council website at

Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training
This training is offered face-to-face at the Fall and Spring Advance-a-ramas (October 26, 2013 & March 1, 2014) at the Warnell School of Forestry, UGA.

Adult leaders can also consider attending this training through other districts; see the master training calendar on the Council website at

Outdoor Leader Skills

Additional Supplemental Training
Along with the online training available, we encourage you to consider the following other options:

Remember too:
There are adult leader recognitions and awards that relate to training, including the Scout Leader Training Award for your position. If you have not yet earned this, consider working on it! Click here for more training knots

Training Award Forms